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UVC Dosimeter

UVC100-MCD has two color references for MRSA and C-diff (correlated to 50 and 100 mJ/cm²)

How UVC Dosimeters Work
When exposed to UV-C (254 nm), our UVC 100 and UVC 1000 Dosimeters visibly change color from the starting yellow, to orange to deep pink. The color change correlates to levels of accumulated UV irradiation, which helps users see if surfaces have received enough UV-C to kill bacteria, viruses and spores – including C. Diff.


Our UVC Dosimeters are colorimetric indicators that visibly demonstrate an accumulated dose of UV-C energy. When exposed to ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) at 254 nm, the patented photochromatic ink changes color based on the amount of accumulated dose (fluence) of UV-C that is delivered.Type your paragraph here.

Using a patented, UV-sensitive material, UVC 100 Dosimeters react to UV-C at 254 nm, the peak wavelength for germicidal effectiveness. These color-changing indicators are ideal for use with UV-C disinfection systems and help you validate your devices, procedures and visibly see if target surfaces have received enough germicidal irradiation to kill  harmful bacteria, viruses and spores.



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